Saturday, August 18, 2012

more voip notes

tues i realized i couldn't make a sip call from my google nexus s (used to work)
thurs slashdot had an article on Groove IP (a softphone that bridges to google talk)

so today i spent a bunch of time investigating voip again. good news - things have improved. bad news - not that much. notes are mostly just for my own memory


  • this is my sip provider for outgoing calls
  • there's a new option (unless i missed it before) to use localized dialing. i choose this option and set it to USA with 0 for the international dialing prefix. now i can dial from my contacts without having to prepend 0111
  • i'm using a pay per minute account, and believe it only supports pcmu and gsm audio codecs
sflphone on ubuntu linux, amd64
  • still not really working - i can make calls and the callee can hear me, but i can't hear them
  • hostname -
  • proxy      -
  • audio: pcmu, gsm
csipsimple on google nexus s
  • would register with anveo, but couldn't make calls
  • deleted the old account (inside csipsimple)
  • created a new account using the basic wizard
  • copied and pasted the username and password
  • server -
  • works, and audio quality seems better than i remember it (haven't tested much)
sipdroid on google nexus s
  • installed this app
  • couldn't get google voice integration working (didn't want it to use my primary google apps account and couldn't get it to recognize my gmail account)
  • set it up to work with anveo
  • server or proxy -
  • port - 5010
  • works, and audio quality seems ok (haven't tested much)
GrooVe IP Lite
  • mentioned in the slashdot article
  • uses jingle to forward the call to google voice (instead of to anveo)
  • i used my gmail account (instead of my primary google apps account) because i wasn't comfortable giving them access to my primary account
  • i enabled 2-step authentication so that i didn't have to give them my password (not sure how much this buys me)
  • it works, and call quality seemed similar to what the gmail phone widget achieves
  • this is a big deal
  • the only downside is that it can't be registered at the same time as the gmail widget (so i have to choose which one to have active prior to receiving a call)
  • haven't tested call quality much, but if it ends up being decent, i'll buy the "Pro" version for $5
incoming calls to sip - google voice forwarded to ipkall to callcentric
  • this still seems to work
  • call quality has always been marginal

the holy grail is to be able to run something like the gmail phone widget on both my desktop and my phone and to be able to answer from either (and even move the call from one to the other). still a long way from there - but this is a big step


Anonymous said...

I am in a similar boat. It worked until it didn't. I discovered that I no longer had a public IP address.

I use verizon but searching the interweb found this is not exclusive to verizon customers. Calling verizon was a massive run around. there are other threads using similar terms but I have this one bookmarked watching for changes

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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L Murphy said...

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to get the pieces to work? I have a wifi-only Nexus phone. Installed Google Voice, which can't send sms to verify phone number, which I don't have one anyway... If I used ipkall to get a phone number, how would I tell the nexus to use it as its own number? Would google voice app then be able to send an sms and verify the number? Goal: Using only wifi, have ability to make outgoing calls with Google Voice number as caller-id, and receive calls to Google-voice number on the Nexus android phone.