Monday, July 23, 2012

the damp knight rises

at times a pretty movie, but overall terrible

  • not enough civilians on the streets of gotham - place was deserted
  • bruce's despair over rachel's death and hunt's betrayle wasn't convincing
  • talia was an f'ng mess - in love with bruce and bane and rambling about fulfilling Ra's destiny
  • talia and bane preach revolution and class warfare - victims in the pit of the entitled. they run the tribunal, which actually does off some of the corrupt rulers of gotham. and then, "oh by the way, we're gonna blow the city up". which they could have done on day one. f'ng nonsense
  • bane and talia put batman in the pit *knowing* that he's gonna rise up and escape. they want him to, need him to, aren't at all surprised when he does ... so what the fuck for ?
  • bruce can't tell that talia is *talia* ??? even after he's heard the stories in the pit ... he, the protector of orphans never asks "what happened to the child's protector". ftloc
  • nobody has a plan for anything in the movie, there's no game of chess, no strategy
  • pre-revolution, gotham is corrupt with the rulers dividing the spoils and everyone save kyle seems oblivious to it
  • the police force has been pussified
  • why the fuck don't bane and talia kill kyle. or fall in love with her. or at f'ng least realize that she exists
  • one schoolbus of orphans is all blake, our hero-in-waiting, can muster to the bridge

a few good moments
  • crane is awesome at the tribunal ... "death by exile !!!"
ok, make that one good moment. some of the stunts were fun, the cops-vs-thugs battle at the end had a nice buildup, bane and kyle were decent (if inconsistent) characters, bane's voice was awesome. in hindsight, i now realize that the only thing that saved "the dark knight" was ledger - he took a grenade for that film and paid the ultimate price - killed by nolan's tunnel vision

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