Sunday, June 8, 2014

java apidocs for websockets

working thru the websocket examples in tomcat 8, and realize that i don't have javadocs for the javax.websocket stuff. this is a chronic annoyance with java - you're using interfaces that are pretty "standard", and they turn out to live in javaEE. and the apidocs are licensed in a way that platforms that implement the standard can't include the apidocs. so you're left with a lobotomized IDE with zero javadocs. it's dumb

for tomcat 8, netbeans 8 and the websocket and servlet stuff:

oracle is evil ...
  • apidocs for standards should be liberally licensed
    • this is "embrace, extend and extinguish" in all it's glory
  • websockets and servlets don't belong in javaEE, they're standard web technologies

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