Friday, January 31, 2014

ubuntu 13.10 libreoffice menubar lossage

it's 2014 and ubuntu still doesn't have a usable libreoffice package - out of the box, the menubar shortcuts (or mnemonics) don't work. pressing "alt-f" has no effect, the file menu fails to activate, nothing. this is *the* office suite on linux, the most critical package for a business user, lacking perhaps the oldest and most-used metaphor for interacting with a gui

freedesktop calls it "NOTABUG", ubuntu doesn't seem interested in fixing it (no-one is assigned after almost 3 years), and anyone that posts on askubuntu gets closed as "offtopic" with a snarky comment. for now, the options available are:
  • uninstall libreoffice-gnome, leaving an ugly interface that doesn't maximize correctly
  • uninstall libreoffice entirely using apt and install the package from (or maybe from a ppa) ... i haven't verified that this works, but there are some reports that it does
in 2010 when ubuntu introduced unity i understood that it was a new endeavor and expected some rough edges. but even then, this bug seemed egregious ... we're now up to ubuntu 13.10, unity is no longer new, and we still don't have usable shortcuts for libreoffice menus

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