Sunday, January 30, 2011

voip take two

voip take two ...

sflphone is my softphone
  can't get transfers to work
  0.9.8 phonebook doesn't work right
    built 0.9.12 from source and it's better, but still weak
  tends to drop registration to after calls ...
nexus s
  builtin sip dialer
    seems to loose registration after calls
    my DOD needs the country code prefix, and css can prepend it
  free account, i'm using this one for incoming calls, ie a gateway
  free account, seems a little flaky ... but might just be that i'm trying to use to many providers
  DID: $1.50 per month, DOD/DID calls: $0.01 per minute
  not intended as a sip account ... my sip address is 100 chars long :)
  SMS seems to work, $0.04 per sms
  connects using the nexus/gingerbread sip dialer
  account transaction log is excellent, though it lacks a running total in the report
  outgoing calls to PSTN just by prefixing the country code ... use cSIPsimple filters to auto-prefix
  for both the nexus sip and cSIPsimple, requires a proxy:
  DID: free, can forward to any of the sip accounts (haven't tried anveo)
  google voice won't forward to this number - someone else has already registered it
    might try getting a new number
google voice
  almost the holy grail, free DID/DOD, great service
  no voice service on the nexus
  to forward to sip you need to use a PSTN gateway
  i can't figure out how proprietary the service is ... eg, ekiga ???

google voice can forward to the DIDs. my nexus s (android ginberbread) can connect to both accounts using the builtin sip, and i can receive and initiate sip calls (though if i make a provider the default i can no longer receive calls to that account). call quality over wifi seems ok

i'd like to be able to answer a call on my desktop and then transfer it to the nexus sip stack if i want to roam, but multiple accounts on multiple ip addresses behind my NAT seem to cause problems. so for now i'm giving up on this


Anonymous said...

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