Thursday, October 7, 2010


still trying to find words for today's game ... pretty good result, made it out of the first round. and can't fault the work ethic, the persistence, the effort. but jesus - a few more balls on the ground, an occasional shot that finds the back of the net. and a defense that doesn't crumble whenever a ball goes thru the middle ... these are things that most teams can take for granted. donovan would be a role player on the lakers ... good guy, but he's never going to be a dominant force on the field. we need to let that go. let him be the cog in the machine that he should be, that he's capable of. and look for magic elsewhere, realize that most of his production is cleanup, is reaping the seeds that dempsey and jozy have planted. he gets credit for gettting the job done, but it's a workman's lunch he deserves, not a heroes welcome

yeah, clark f'd up, lost the ball in midfield. but so did donovan, and bocanegra, and cherundelo. and the dependence on the long ball created dozens of extra chances for ghana. so i think it'd be a huge mistake to look to place blame. to think that things were ok. they weren't.

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