Saturday, April 17, 2010

google-chrome, google's keyboard search and the back button

a recent release of google chrome, maybe this one, broke the google keyboard shortcut search experiment. perform a search in the experiment, eg rattlesnake, select the wikipedia article by pressing "o" or "enter". the page opens as expected. press back ...

you should go back to the search results, but most of the time i don't - instead getting pushed back a little further to the page before the search (in my case that's usually a blank tab). the search shows up in the history ... it just isn't honored by the back button

seems to work ok in firefox, and works fine if you click instead of using the keyboard. i'm seeing the problem on ubuntu 10.04, amd/x64

related google search stuff: adding &nfpr=1 to the end of a search will cause google to honor the search instead of using their "search for blah instead" logic

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