Monday, September 28, 2009

health care reform ???

How about health care common sense ...

  • tax the benefits that companies provide to their employees the same way that income is taxed ... is health insurance somehow more of a fundamental human right than food or shelter or education ?
  • require that providers clearly state their prices, the same way that a grocery store is required to label the prices. let the customer shop around, let the free market work
  • relax the restrictions on becoming a doctor - 4 years of premed undergrad, the MCAT, medical school, rotations, match day, the boards, residency, and ultimately licensing by the board ... the whole process is out of control and allows high paid "doctors" to decide who is qualified to work
  • ban providers from accepting gifts and those doing business with providers from showing preferential treatment - the gifts and treatment disrupt the provider-patient relationship - is that drug really the best value, or is the one with the cutest rep willing to take your doctor out to lunch
  • force providers to disclose their conflicts of interest
  • require providers to disclose their track record
  • zero liability for good faith providers - if a provider has disclosed their education, prices, track record, and any conditions that might limit their effectiveness (eg, being an alcoholic), has refused gifts that compromise their decision making, and wasn't intentionally harming the patient - the provider should have zero liability

in short, let the free market solve the "crisis". make it easy to become a doctor or a nurse, make it easy for a patient to evaluate their options, and make it obvious to the patient the true cost of the services provided - the rest will take care of itself

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