Tuesday, February 12, 2013

stormvz virtual private server

purchased my first VPS today from stormvz.com. lowendbox promo - 3G memory for $7. figured it was worth trying out

purchase and the initial setup were painless. but actually getting anything done has been challenging. it comes with ubuntu 12.04 and runs openvz. the base install seems mildly broken. out of the box, sudo doesn't work, maybe i'm just supposed to use root for everything ?

NOTE: replace XXXXXX, YYYYY.YYY and ZZZZZ with the password, domain name and username respectively
as root on the VPS: useradd admin useradd -m -s /bin/bash ZZZZZ usermod -a -G admin ZZZZZ chmod u+s /usr/bin/sudo passwd ZZZZZ apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade apt-get install mysql-server mysql -p --user=root # GRANT ALL ON *.* TO ZZZZZ@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'XXXXXXX' locale-gen en_US.UTF-8 update-locale LANG=en_US.UTF-8 from my normal machine: scp .ssh/id_dsa.pub YYYYY.YYY: scp -r .bashrc .bash_profile .bash_logout YYYYY.YYY: scp hackpath hackpath-setup interactive-shell path-setup YYYYY.YYY:.bash as ZZZZZ on VPS: mkdir .bash mkdir -p .ssh/keys cat id_dsa.pub >> .ssh/authorized_keys mv id_dsa.pub .ssh/keys/takashi.pub sudo apt-get install tomcat6 nano tomcat6-admin sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk sudo update-alternatives --config java sudo nano /etc/tomcat6/tomcat-users.xml # # # sudo nano /etc/defaults/tomcat6 # JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64 i wanted a recent java and had trouble installing - the download required cookies and javascript, couldn't figure out how to make lynx work with it (text mode only on the server). so got the download link in the chrome developer tool on my desktop and used wget on the server (obv the auth param isn't good any more) wget "http://download.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/7u13-b20/jdk-7u13-linux-x64.tar.gz?AuthParam=1360726523_769def7b8d2a7f7025ec36b0075716ec"

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Zab said...

Sorry to hear that the initial setup has been a bit tricky. You're right; using root for everything is not recommended due to security concerns.

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