Wednesday, December 8, 2010

voip providers - sip, iax2, xmpp

looking for a voip provider. assume that it'll be sip, iax2 or xmpp, but really open to whatever

must have:
sip to sip calls should be freeish, easy to initiate
should be able to call anyone that's on sip using there sip uri ...
need a DID and DOD ... ie termination

want to have:
able to make my DID/DOD appear to be another number (maybe my cell)
some sort of fallthru ... try my sip, then try my cell

pricing should be reasonable, but beyond that it's secondary. not sure what the "fair" price is ???

voxalot/679376 - no softphone registration with the free account (voxbasic)
i guess this is intended as an aggregation service ??? - my test calls to silently terminate
they do show up in the call log, so it's probably possible to do something with them
complicated, and i don't think it's intended for what i want.
signup asked for a lot of semi-personal info - just seems sketchy

sipsorcery -- didn't try this one, but it seems to be more of the same. they all seem to be meta-sip, without actually providing sip itself

anveo/7089916429 - incredibly complicated to do basic stuff, but i think i finally got it to work. but i tried so many things, i can't actually remember :( claims that it does sms, though not to verizon. it sent to my google voice number, but gv wouldn't send back to it. maybe if i had a DID. initial credit to allow testing, but no sip account out of the box. support guy activated it almost instantly :) DOD works with caller id set properly. not enough free credit to get a DID so i haven't tried that. sip to sip seems more problematic - they don't peer with anyone as far as i can tell. no sipbroker. i think i successfully called out, but it was using sflphone to an account ... pretty sure that sip-in doesn't work. all in all, it's the most contradictory service i could imagine - the site is very early-00s, looks amateurish today - just enough javascript to be scary, but not really web-2.0 or ajax or whatever. and doing the most basic things is complicated. but it appears to do everything i could ask for, and then some, and then the kitchen sink

google voice chat is my default option ... everything seems to work ok, if a little inflexible. more time needed to figure out if it really is the holy grail :)

good list of providers: - think that this one is a pretty basic provider. seems respectable and i think i could sip in and out. sipbroker - can send sms, looks reasonable but i didn't try it. doesn't look like they peer with sipbroker. but they're somehow tied to phonegnome, and pg claims that you should be able to sip in and out:

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Anonymous said...

> sip to sip calls should be freei

not anveo?

Add to your list

* must peer with SIPBroker

> some sort of fallthru

three baked in failover conditions at

- unanswered
- busy
- unreachable

Do you have a mobile phone with SIM capability?

> pricing should be reasonable

Paying COSTS with money is ALWAYS BETTER than paying COSTS the other way that powers "free" google voice or "free" facebook.

> sipsorcery -- didn't try this one,


> without actually providing sip itself

It provides SIP
It doesn't provide RTP

> anveo - incredibly complicated to do basic stuff,

no, it's not.

mmm power.

> google voice chat is my default option

ugh. stop letting them harm you for bobbles

> if it really is the holy grail

It's on the team opposing holy.


they pay for their free as in beer DID the same way as IPkall does (not harming you like "free" google voice)

their audio is "warm", support is responsive and capable. Termination costs are a bit high for PAYG compared to anveo or voipms

> sipbroker

this is not an itsp


only DIDs provided now are one iNum [sic]


for PAYG I recommend cruising the PBX in a flash forums for feedback instead of the twits dominating opinion at DSLreports or other f/OSS IP PBX forums