Wednesday, September 23, 2009

yahoo mail -- FTL !!!

been using it since 2000, maybe earlier. at times over a 24k modem, or using fetchyahoo, or pop3 way back when when it was free. i've tried "yahoo mail beta" a dozen times, and "All-New Mail" too, but mostly used "mail classic". or just "yahoo mail", since that's what it was before there was "All-New"

all i ever wanted was what i had, what they promised would be always free. and piece by piece they've dismantled it, introduced bugs, crippled the reliability, turned it into a web app, removed functionality, broken ctrl-click, ... and on and on

  • trapping ctrl-click
  • webappification
  • connection problems: "error code 2"
  • breakage with multiple tabs
  • and now, the latest and greatest ...
  • my mail now shows up as coming from "false"
yaaaahoooooooo !!!

anyway, not sure what the meme is these days, but i'll cover all the ground i know. if i'm missing one, let me know - i'd love to be feature complete

  • yahoo mail sucks
  • yahoo mail considered harmful
  • yahoo mail is dead

enough. i made the switch a few months ago, thank god. but still check the yahoo account ... and damn, it's getting more and more painful. avoid :)

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